A gay group in Germany looking for new friends around the globe.

Welcome to our homepage!!

With this little homepage we want to introduce ourselves and our ideas to you.

We are a circle of gay friends in Cologne and we meet once a week in a pub for a drink and a chat. On weekends we go out, go to the cinema or to the theater, we go dancing and do a lot more. We go hiking and cycling, we cook, have barbecue parties etc, etc.

Here are some pics:

hiking cycling


We travel around to explore new cities and the gay scene in other countries. We have been to Antwerp, Paris and Vienna and last June we went to Barcelona
Vienna Vienna
Paris Paris

In Paris, we got to know a very nice gay group with similar interests. We meet and correspond on a regular basis. Here is a link to their homepage:"Les Males Fêteurs"

Thanks for visiting our homepage! For more information contact us or sign our guest book.

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